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This website is hosted by LMV-Consulting Soest, Deiringser Weg 68, 59494 Soest (hereinafter referred to as „LMV-Consulting, Soest) according to the subsequently described principles

§ 1 Ascertainment, treatment and use of your data

(1)LMV-Consulting have committed themselves to privacy protection of their users. We make efforts to guarantee a safe, protected use of our website. Purpose of this declaration is to inform you how we use personal data that you transmit to us via this website, but does not refer to information that we collect on different ways. The declaration addresses job-seekers as well as employers and also users of the Community.
(2)Should you logon with LMV-Consulting you have to state individual-related  data. In this respect we strictly keep to the Telecommunications Act. The decision of what data are indicated is only up to you. If you do not want to submit the data required by us, some services are not available to you. The individual-related data that we store upon your logon, contain name, address (incl. Federal State/Country), eMail-address, Telephone numbers, gender. The entry of a EU – vita (CV) for applicants is optional. The personal user data are treated strictly confidential by us and are not submitted to potential employers, unless you give your specific agreement. We need your letter of agreement for the use of your „individual-related data“, in order to inform you of offers from potential employers by others means if applicable. This way you also have the possibility to submit these data to a potential employer, nickname as contact address, as far as you specificly agreed. For technical reasons we already query said data when you register with LMV-Consulting.
(3)If applicable we collect certain personal information on your usage behaviour of our website, e.g. what domains you visit and which services you use. Furthermore LMV-Consulting also gather information on you computer hardware and software. These data can contain your IP-address, type of browser, domain names, access times and addresses of visited websites, but they are not linked with your individual-related data.
(4)In case you have given your consent already upon registration or at a later date or should the applicable legal regulations allow it, we could use your contact data to send you by E-mail or by other information methods news on the website, e.g. new possibilities that might be of interest for you. Upon registration for the LMV-Consulting-profile you can opt to receive additional communications, information and advertising material as for example Newsletter by LMV-Consulting containing information on subjects that might be of interest for you. In case you have agreed to this or should the legal regulations allow it we could also use all collected information to update you on other products or services that are offered by LMV-Consulting or their partners.

§ 2 Disclosure of information toward third persons

We disclose the personal information or information on your use of the website toward third persons only in the scope as described hereafter.

(1)We can disclose such information toward third persons when you declare your agreement (upon registration) to this. When you e.g. publish your vita (CV) in the available applicants database, everyone who has access to our available database (or copies thereof) can access this database. You can however deactivate your  EU-vita (CV) at any time. The vita is for the time being published anonymized and does not contain any details of „individual-related data“.
(2) We can disclose such information toward firms and individual persons who settle certain tasks on our behalf, as e.g. data processing/partner firms and these can also be firms and individual persons outside the European marketing area. The tasks carried out on our behalf comprise: - hosting of our webserver , - data analysis, - activities for marketing support; - processing of credit card payments and handling of customer service. These firms and individual persons have access to your personal data in so far as necessary for the completion of the assigned tasks. They are however not allowed to transmit the data to third persons or to use them for foreign purposes. All information transmitted this way are subject to our control and we bear full responsibility for it.
(3)We can disclose such information should we be obligated to do so due to legal regulations, be requested to do so by governmental or  supervisory authorities, or we in good faith be convinced that this step is necessary:(a) to meet legal demands or to satisfy disclosure duties in line with a lawsuit;(b)   to protect the rights or the property of LMV-Consulting or their associated firms;(c)   to prevent a criminal offence or to protect national security; or (d)   to protect the personal security of users or of the public.
(4)We can transmit and assign such information to a third person who acquires the complete or a substantial  part of the business from LMV-Consulting, irrespective of whether this acquisition is a fusion, merger by regeneration, or  the sale of the complete or of a substantial part of our property. Furthermore, in case that LMV-Consulting has to undergo insolvency proceedings – be it voluntary or unvoluntary – LMV-Consulting or their liquidator, administrator, sequestrator or  receiver sell this information during a transaction approved by court, grant a licence on it or to sell in any other way. In case of a sale of the complete or of a substantial part of our business to a third party, you are informed by E-Mail or by a demonstratively placed info on the LMV-Consulting website.

§ 3 Other applications of information

LMV-Consulting can also exchange collective anonymous information on visitors of their websites with their customers, partners or third parties, so that these can realize which visitors visit the LMV-Consulting sites and how these visitors use the website. Furthermore some of the employers or job agencies who are interested in your vita (CV) can have their location worldwide outside the European marketing area. It may be that such countries do not dispose of an equal legal protection of use of your personal data. We shall only send your personal data to such employers if you have indicated that your vita shall be ready to be released. With this indication you expressly agree to such data transfers.

§ 4 Vitas (CVs)

As LMV-Consulting is a career portal we offer you the possibility to store your EU-vita in our database. This is made as follows:You can activate and store your vita in our database. Then all parties who have access to our available applicants database, have also access to your anonymized vita – no indication of individual-related data.We try to restrict the access to our available applicants database only to payable employers, recruiters, employment managers, headhunters, and personnel specialists as well as law enforcement and national security authorities, however we cannot guarantee that no other parties take access to this database. We are not responsible for the use of vita by third persons who have access to such vita while stored on our database. You can delete your vita from our available database at any time but it can be that employers, recruiters, and others who have paid for the access to our database or for the receipt of copies from this database  have already stored a copy of your vita in their own files or database. In such cases we are not responsible for the storage, use  or the data protection of vitas or profiles.If you have specified personal references it is up to you to make sure that the person in question is aware that you have distributed your data and agreed in writing to this transmittal.

 § 5 Deletion after termination

Upon termination of the contract relationship all individual-related data are deleted after expiration of the legal regulations. For deletion of the account it is sufficient to send an Email to LMV-Consulting with the request for deletion from the database. Deletion of the data is effected promptly.

§ 6 Use of cookies

In order to enable an optimal use of LMV-Consulting, cookies have to be activated. Thereby different types of cookies are stored. Cookies for sessions-identification are automatically deleted after termination of the browser session. Cookies for autologin, identification of your browser can be accepted by you via the browser setting.

§ 7 Data security

We secure our websites and other systems by technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, alteration or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. The access to your personal profile entries is only possible after entry of your personal password.

§ 8 Right of access

According to the Federal Data Protection Act you are entitled to free information on your stored data as well as if necessary a right to correction, blockage, or deletion of these data.

§ 9 Links

The listed external links lead to contents of foreign offerers and partners. The individual offerer is responsible for these contents. When a violation of law is noted, possible relevant links are deleted immediately. The present data protection regulations in the described scope are only valid for the offer by We reserve to block links at any time.

§10  Community

This LMV-Community is on a German server and is consequently primary subject to the Basic Constitutional Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Significant are here the § 1-5 (human dignity, general freedom of action, equality between men and women (18th August 2006: General Equal Treatment Act)The particulars and comments given there are public and consequently available and usable for everyone for establishing contacts (see Terms of Use Online Community Forum)

§ 11 Advertisement by third persons

The flashing of ads on is effected by LMV-Consulting or our advertising partners. Thereby an advertising partner can place a cookie with the assistance of which the corresponding server can evaluate the success of the ad according to e.g. clicks (e.g. Google). Basis of the data protection regulations by LMV-Consulting are however only the own cookies and not those of foreign offerers and advertising partners.

§ 12 Contact person for data protection

Please direct your enquiries on ascertainment, treatment or use of your individual-related data, on information, corrections, blocking or deletion of data as well as revocation of granted permission to:

§ 15 Others / Severability Clause

(1)Place of performance is Soest.
(2)If the orderer is businessman, legal person of public law or special property or should he/she not have a general place of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany, the District Court Soest or the Regional Court Arnsberg are exclusive places of performance for all disputes resulting from this contract.
(3)Supplementary agreements, changes and additions must be in writing to be legally binding; this applies in particular also for the cancellation of this rule.
(4)For all privities of contract the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the exclusion of the uniform UN-Sales Law.
(5)If any rule or regulation of this agreement is or becomes invalid, the validity of the rest of these terms of use is not affected. The invalid or incomplete rule is replaced or completed by a valid one which comes closest to the economically intended result. (6)The communication languages in a web offer of LMV-Consulting are „German“ and „English“.