job application Distribution /Marketing (agricultural technology)

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details on job application
job application as Distribution /Marketing
operational area Germany
salary expectation 50000
willingness to move Regional
starting date 01.11.2017
professional profile - working experience
branch agricultural technology  
position employee
job title/job Distribution /Marketing
graduation advanced technical college
graduation 2
native language German
foreign language 1 English
verbal language ability & understanding excellent/very good
written language ability good
subject of studies and academic degree
academic degree
professional training Land + Forestry
the personal appraisal of applicant
flexibility high/strong
communication skills high/strong
enthusiasm medium
motivation and success orientated approach high/strong
ability to motivate high/strong
optimism medium
teammember ability medium
assertiveness high/strong
human resources management and competence in dialogue medium
mobility and willingness to travel high/strong

type analysis (8 basic types) acc. to INSIGHTS MDI® - soft skill-analysis (personal competences):
The type analysis is based on personal appraisal

director-type medium
motivator-type high/strong
inspirator-type high/strong
advisor-type medium
supporter-type medium
coordinator-type high/strong
observer-type medium
reformer-type medium
salary expectation
willingness to move
My commencing date    
professional experience in: states &branches & product groups & years
countries - worldwide Germany
branch agricultural technology  
product group

professional experiences as Sales
professional experience 2 years
countries - worldwide
product group
professional experiences as
professional experience years



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